Auto Fleetlease Car Leasing


With cost of motoring at a constant high in Singapore, and expected to increase further with the nation’s focus on being ”car-lite”, isn’t it time to look at other ways to manage this cost? Car Leasing is one of the most effective solutions that motorists can definitely look at to reap potential savings!

Auto Fleetlease is a young, exciting and strongly-backed car leasing company that strives to meet the leasing needs of our customers.

Our wide range of leasing solutions includes the following:

  • Private car leasing
  • Corporate car leasing
  • Short term leasing
  • Long term leasing
  • New car leasing
  • Used car leasing
  • Commercial vehicle leasing
  • Car rental
  • Uber/Grab car rental
  • CNY car rental
  • Wedding car rental

Why us?

We at Auto Fleetlease are committed to providing our customers with the best leasing solutions with unrivalled service. Our commitment to service quality resonates among the management and our staff.

As a reputable company, we only provide our customers with legal and LTA-converted rental cars. This is to protect the interests of our customers as illegal car rentals may subject them to unlimited liability claims in the event of an accident.

The Auto Fleetlease Advantage

Unrivalled service

Our commitment is to provide our customers with the most compelling leasing experience possible through unrivalled service.

Dedication to customer satisfaction

We are dedicated to providing a high level of personalised and attentive service to ensure our customers’ needs are satisfied.

Professional with Integrity and honesty

Our team provides the highest level of professionalism imbued with integrity and honesty in our engagement with our customers.


We firmly believe in our Customers’ safety. To achieve this, we meticulously maintain our vehicles according to manufacturers’ recommended maintenance schedule. Our Customers’ safety is our utmost concern.

A wide range of current models to choose from.

Our vehicles follow the manufacturers’ recommended maintenance schedule.

Our team of dedicated specialists is committed to providing service with passion.

Our vehicles come with the relevant insurance coverage to give our customers peace of mind.