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Car leasing and rental have some differences between them. Companies treat car leasing and rental business operations differently. We shall look at some of the major differences for customers:

Time duration

Car leasing typically ranges from 1 year to 7 years while car rental is for a few days to a few months.

Selection of car models

For car rental, customers typically select from a pool of readily available cars. For leasing of new vehicles, you will be able to choose the exact car model and maybe the colour and trim which you like.

Payment mode

For rental, fees are typically paid upfront while customers are charged a monthly leasing rate for leasing.

Support by leasing or rental company

Both car rental and leasing companies will offer emergency support services for customer renting or leasing their cars. The rental or leased cars will also be serviced and maintained by the companies to ensure they are in the best condition before being driven by the customers.

Insurance coverage

Both arrangements will come with the respective insurance coverage needed to cover the drivers and their passengers during the period of rental or lease.