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Auto Fleetlease provides comprehensive commercial vehicle leasing solutions for businesses in Singapore. From panel vans to 14 feet lorries, we got it all!

Most businesses in Singapore make outright purchases for commercial vehicles which they use for their business. This exposes the business to huge uncertainties in terms of COE price, vehicle repair costs and subsequent disposal costs. In recent years, more businesses are leasing instead of purchasing their vehicles to better manage this exposure.

Motoring costs in Singapore can be extremely high and unpredictable. Just a few years ago, a simple panel van would have set you back by a cool S$100,000 or more. You can imagine what happened when the COE price dropped. The very expensive van became a huge liability to the business operating costs and puts the business in a disadvantageous position compared to its competitors who had taken up leasing options.

Our commercial vehicle leasing solutions bring to our customers these benefits:

Low capital outlay

From as low as 1 month deposit for 1 year lease period for a used commercial vehicle.

No surprises

All our commercial vehicles leasing solutions includes servicing and repairs. This will potentially save you a huge repair bill when the vehicle ages with wear and tear.

Minimal downtime

Our customers are provided with a replacement commercial vehicle when the leased vehicle needs to be sent in for maintenance or repairs. This will greatly reduce any inconvenience caused to our customers.

Fuss free and Flexible

Just let us know how long the vehicle would be leased for and we will take care of the rest. We also allow flexible arrangements such as lease extension or vehicle exchange in the event our customers’ needs change.