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Looking to rent a car for the weekend or a trip up north? Look no further! Auto Fleetlease has a wide selection of cars for short term or long term rental. Our fleet of cars range from budget Japanese models to premium Continental makes. Come speak to our sales specialist to find the most suitable rental car for you!

Here at Auto Fleetlease, we believe in providing our customers with the best value and service. Our affordable rates and attentive service are fundamental to our business beliefs. We are constantly reinforced by the positive feedback we receive from our customers. Our fleet of cars are carefully maintained with the necessary preventive maintenance to minimise downtime and inconvenience for our customers.

The Auto Fleetlease Advantage:

  • All maintenance, servicing, road tax, insurance and other aspects of car rental or leasing are covered by Auto Fleetlease.
  • Wide range of cars to choose from: Sedans, Cabriolets, Sports, Exotics, Coupes, MPVs, SUVs and many more!
  • All rental and leasing cars are owned by us and converted to legal rental car by LTA (Land Transport Authority) with full comprehensive insurance coverage.
  • 24/7 standby by service support team for breakdown and emergencies
  • Replacement cars provided in case of servicing, breakdowns or accidents.
  • Comprehensive vehicle checklist for all customers
  • Best rates in town!

Our car rental solutions include the following:

  • Luxury and Exotic car rental
  • Wedding car rental
  • Short term car rental of a few days
  • Long term car rental up to 1 year
  • CNY rental
  • Budget car rental
  • Uber and Grab car rental